Unleash the flavour this summer

Summer is here once again which means it’s time to cut the grass, polish off the garden furniture, and get the barbecue out for those gorgeous long Irish summer days ahead.

BBQ is a relatively new ritual we have adapted into Irish culture, which means for many, we haven’t mastered the craft just yet.

We know from experience that the key to an excellent BBQ isn’t in the grill itself but in the flame and its fuel. Here is a brief overview of the world of BBQ charcoal and wood smoking to ensure you’re king of the grill, every time.


Unleashing Intense Heat and Flavours with Charcoal

When it comes to grilling, BBQ charcoal provides a good even distribution of high heat and that signature ‘charcoal’ BBQ flavour. Unlike traditional charcoal briquettes, our premium BBQ charcoal is made from high-quality hardwood, ensuring a consistent heat source and a clean burn. The dense nature of our charcoal allows for longer cooking times meaning that whether you're searing a juicy steak or slow-cooking ribs, our BBQ charcoal is going to become one of your BBQ secret weapons.


Southern smoky BBQ twist with smoking wood chips

To take your BBQ to the next level, smoking wood chips are essential. These small, flavourful wood pieces add depth and complexity to your grill. At Eddies Smokeless Fuels, we offer a wide range of smoking wood chips, including hickory, beech, apple, pear, whiskey oak, red wine oak, beer oak, and oak. Each wood variety imparts a unique aroma and taste, allowing you to experiment and find your signature BBQ flavour.


Cherry Wood planks will make it all the sweeter

Cherry wood is known for its delightful blend of mild sweetness and smokiness. Release your inner Southern belle by soaking the planks in water, placing them on the grill, and letting them work their magic. The planks infuse your food with a subtle fruity essence while creating a natural barrier that prevents flare-ups meaning that you get an even char on whatever you choose to stick on the grill.


Unleash the subtle flavours of Alderwood

Alderwood offers a delicate, slightly sweet, and earthy flavour to your BBQ dishes. These planks are perfect for the mackerel season in the mid-summer months, as Alderwood is the unofficial ‘fish’ smoker.


Get BBQ ready this summer with Eddies Smokeless fuels, but don’t say we didn’t warn you… BBQ is addictive and you may just end up picking the habit up all year round, not just the hot summer days.


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