Chimney Sweep Service

We offer a fast, clean and reliable chimney sweep service within the Dublin area, we can also provide CCTV inspection and smoke testing.

Chimney maintenance is imperative to optimise your fire output and ventilation within your home. Government and Fire Services recommend chimneys be swept thoroughly at a minimum of once a year, this is to prevent the risk of chimney fires occurring.

To book a chimney sweep, give us a call or email

Here at Eddies Smokeless Fuels, we offer:


Providing a high standard service, leaving your home as clean as we found it

Certified Professionals

Trained staff that are punctual, professional and trustworthy.

Competitive Pricing

Excellent service at a great price

Ongoing support

Continued support and advice available, providing confidence & peace of mind

Services & Pricing

  • Chimney Sweeping Open Fire plus Smoke Test € 90.00
  • Stove Sweep plus Smoke Test € 95.00
    (Smoke and Draft Inspection included in the above)
  • Chimney Inspection Scan (2 Storey) € 250.00

Preparation for your chimney sweep

  • For health and safety purposes, a door/window must be kept open during the sweep process
  • Your fire/stove cannot be used 24hours prior to the sweep
  • Ensure you have a bin for your ash disposal