Product Range

At Eddies, we supply trade and public with a wide range of smokeless solid fuels.
Modern smokeless solid fuels offer excellent value for money and efficient heat emission.
In order to get the most out of your fuel, it is important to choose the right one for your appliance.
Here at Eddies Smokeless Fuel our experienced staff can advise you on the best fuel to suit your needs. From open fires to garden heaters each appliance or system has specific fuel needs.
There are a large range of heating appliances available to suit everyone’s needs.
Open fires – All open fires use Coal and some smokeless fuels. We stock house coal and briquettes suited to open fires.
The larger sized smokeless fuels are ideal for open fires. Fires with fan assistance or under-floor draught can burn smaller fuels and anthracite.
Call us today to find out the best fuel for your needs.
Room heaters, Cookers and Boilers – Closed appliances (except gravity feed types) burn a wide variety of manufactured smokeless fuels and anthracite. These are smaller than open fire fuels and give a more efficient performance when used with the correct appliance. Multi-fuel appliances can burn open fire smokeless fuels also.

Eddies Smokeless Fuels is a supplier of Mcloughlin and Bord Na Mona fuels.WE know that when it comes to fuel, our customers require a product that not only provides the best possible performance, but also delivers great value for money.
Our large range of high quality fuels have been specially designed to meet your needs. We ensure that all of our fuels are tested to the highest standards, meaning all our products deliver the highest safety and performance standards.
Choose high quality fuels from our Classic Smokeless Fuels range.